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User Review

For those who love the "rock growl" - Reviews Gallien Krueger 700RB-II

Value For Money : Excellent
Head transistor class AB 480w into 4 ohms, 320 into 8 ohms, bi amplified (need cabs that are compatible). DI adjustable front one, master, switch active / passive, mute, 1 switch 5 string that keeps a clean sound when tuning down, contour and presence filters that accentuate certain frequencies depending on the game that we adopt ( slap ...), Equalizer bass, low mids, high mids, boost trebble.knob (gives grain and heat), woofer (for bass master) tweeter (master for treble). (with a switch of planned to cut certain frequencies). Effects loop. An input tuner. In rear outlets, 2 Speakons and 2 jacks. Anyway everything is almost.


The grip is very simple and effective action and allows knobs sooooo adjust the sound millimétré.Vu the number of knobs and finesse of their action must fiddle around a bit to find his sound, but the advantage is shot versatility. In any case it already sounds very flat.


The spirit of this head is quite modern, ie it respects the instrument is connected to, without crushing grain in a too pronounced. The action of the fine equalizer allows versatility and beautiful if you add the two filters and outline presence and action settings separate woofer and tweeter in bi-amplification, impossible not to find a sound that suits the situation. The bass is deep and warm, a little fat depending on the setting, always very well defined even on drops. The action of the boost knob and the ability to push the woofer without saturating the tweeter provides the famous growl gallien. The mids and highs are crystalline and contribute to the modern side, if not appreciate, cut frequencies and warmed her through the boost without reaching a vintage sound, we approach (but difficult to obtain its felted or a little grainy, it's still very straight and clean. sorry I could not make cruncher, even pushing the boost settings. explosive without sound is punchy. well my cash It effects (fuzz , overdrive, envelope filter). I play in a cover band stoner metal, alternative rock and lends itself easily to all these exercises, I practice from time to time in a more funk and it sounds great too. metal in the registry accurate and furious his side gives him the advantage over my head markbass 500. (IDeMS on pieces droppés or lower are defined)


I use it for more than 2 years and no complaints, level growl I have not found the equivalent. I do not like the right side of the high mids, treble (I prefer the ones in my head makbass 500, felted less aggressive.) But by cutting certain frequencies there is a way to erase this specificity. A great amp, versatile, efficient, solid as a rock, very good value for money. Despite evidence of the purchase of the head, it's still there ...