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User Review

Poubello's review - Gallien Krueger 700RB-II

For details, see the notice below from my friend audiofanzinien. RAS.
Too bad the XLR DI output and the loop insertion effect be on the front of the head. The back would have been better. But I quibble ...
Detail worth knowing: the fan is only activated in case of overheating the amp on high speed.


The config is relatively simple, even if this head offers a multitude of elements to sculpt the sound. However, it must become familiar with it because it's not a configuration like most amp heads with a low input gain and output for the head works in bi-amplification.
But once past the initial trial and error, we found it very easily.
The only detail a bit confusing for the arrangement of pots of frequencies, which usually are arranged in the following order: low low - medium - above medium - high.
On the GK 700, the opposite! But we made it.
The manual? I did not even read!


As for the sound, that is, the possibilities are extensive. I play jazz, blues, rock, and this amp can adapt to each style but also to any bass (I play on Fender, Musicman and Status). I would add also a "very good" for his record with my bass.
Coupled with two speakers Trace Elliot bass frequencies can vibrate the bottom of your pants, middle and treble hum can be highly crystalline. In short, it was the sound quickly, without spending hours to handle pots of correction that are VERY effective. And power announced by the manufacturer is there! Power, dynamics and finesse at a time. We finally hear you play bass in band, your sound is not drowned.
Flexibility is therefore required with this head.
Last detail: background noise level is total silence. No breath, even with the baffle to the tweeter.


Global opinion, why did I put so much time before landing on this amp special?!