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User Review

jhorloger's review - Gallien Krueger 700RB-II

Power: 480W @ 4ohm, 320W @ 8ohm, 1 kHz. - Horn Amp-50W @ 8ohm, 5kHz A transistor.
Cooling Fan with thermorgulateur
Filter: his choice of 4 or 5 string bass, contour and prsence, low pass filter and high pass.
Equalizer: 4 bands
Outputs: XLR DI, Ground Lift, Pre / Post Switch and Level Control
Patching: Send, Return and Tuner Out
HP Output: 2 Jack 1 / 4 "and 2 Speakon connectors (but only works with speakers Gallien Krueger)
It was just the rglages I needed.
I put 9 because of speakon that can connect to other speakers that gallien.


Trs easy to use, the fat to touch a knob changes the sound with great precision.
The good sound is very easy to find.
The manual is clear, but TRS in English.


The sound is absolutely gnial dynamics is really good one can vary the sound as you want so it is easy to use and prcis.
I have a trs fat as you can have a trs his lens.


I love it all. C the sound I wanted, dynamic adjustable wish.
I tried with difrent speakers (yes I did not even me) as Hartke, Berhinger, Hartke, Genz Benz. Best with Genz benz c then c the Berhinger, and I really cashing them tonn t serious as I have rarely seen on cabinets that price. I play the same and the sound is not dnatur. And the lowest c Hartke. With this head we see the limitations of speakers such as Hartke (VX and TP) that are really bad quality.
C head really exceptional. Just one last point, I find the sound that's closer to the EBS.