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User Review

j'arrete demain's review - Gallien Krueger 700RB

Transistor amplifier with transformer-ring: lighter, more compact, more reliable than conventional transformers, more cash peaks, but more expensive
Power: 380 W + 50W for the woofer to tweeter
Speakon connectors if you want to benefit from the bi-amp on the speakers GK, otherwise an adapter Speakon / jack (not picon / beer) will do.
settings: gain, filter contour / presence, four bands of active EQ (like four independent amplifiers) boost (simulation sturation lamp very successful), settings for bi-amp, effects loop (not adjustable) + section DI box theft, ground lift and pre / post
is very complete, there is everything you need


All knobs at noon, for me it's nickel
I am not a fan of voicing filters (contour, presence, switch 4 / 5 strings) so I put them in the middle
physiological adjustments are very effective but if you appreciate the sound balance of the instrument, the receiver set is perfect right. I like the growl of the lamps (to have long played on SVT) and I must admit that the act of placing transistors turned me does not a priori. I was captivated by the boost that is easy to control while giving his death: combined with the bi-amplification is a major strength of this amp!
a small flat on the calibration of the gain control input: do not hesitate to raise the level almost to the bottom for a passive bass if you want to enjoy the full power of the beast ...


All styles are allowed, it is the most versatile amp I've ever


I use it for four years in a variety of configurations, with an enclosure and an enclosure GK 2x10 peavey 1x15. incident. No need to play very hard to find a place in the mix. With a music man sting ray 5, it forms a perfect couple (you know flea ?...) I would do the same choice without hesitation