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User Review

Reliable, sturdy, practical, powerful - Reviews Hartke HA3500

Everything has been said already, so I'll sum it up quickly. Front panel: active/passive input - 2 preamp tube/solid-state - compressor - 10-band EQ - low/hi pass and master. Back panel: 2 speaker outputs - effects send-return (with balance) - DI output
This amp delivers 240 watts into 8Ω (350w max into 4Ω), rackable amp


Extremely simple to use. I bought a Hartke VX410 cab (but I'm thinking about buying a Hartke VX115 to get good subs). I have the manual but have never opened it. Very versatile amp in terms of sound, powerful enough to play with hard-hitting drummers. Very robust, it has been abused in all possible ways and I have used it outdoors under extreme conditions. I can play slap for hours with the volume cranked all the way up and a Metalcore. Besides 2 or 3 pots that crackle a bit, despite a thorough cleanup last year, I have had no big issues.


Simple and versatile


I've used it for 10 years. I have and still play with more powerful and better amps, but this one suits me better because I know my settings. If I had to buy an amp today, I'd buy the same, new or secondhand, since there's no big difference in price. But it is so sturdy that I wouldn't hesitate buying it used, after some tests, obviously.
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