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User Review


Transistors with 1 tube preamp and 1 transistors.
350 W power
Equalizer, outline, compressor


Very easy to have sound.
The equalizer is sensitive and must spend some time in the beginning.
As against the compressor is not used much.


I day of rock 60's and 70's, a quattro, high volume ... I mainly use a Fender Jazz Bass (sometimes Precision) and recently the Epiphone 1 JB (Jack Casady). I pass through a Big Muff Bass EA and The Mole. The amp is suitable for different bass without changes to the settings.


I bought used there is now a long time ... and it's still there ... Never a problem despite sustained use.
The head is associated with a 4 x 10 speaker Carvin, who sounds much warmer than the enclosure original metal cones.
Very versatile amp, very punchy, dynamic and super-powerful: the volume beyond 3 or 4 and a half, you start to really play TOO hard. So that you have a more than comfortable margin before starting to force the beast. Bass and lower midrange HUGE. Too sharp metal strand.
Equalizer very effective, both preamps and two contour buttons also.
Only the compressor is not convincing. In fact I turn and I put the minimum at 2 or so at most; beyond three sound "disappears".
I packed the head in a flight case Gator.
In short very satisfied if I had to change it would be in a pinch for the vintage Ampeg or Acoustic ... but hey! It's expensive and above all it is heavy !! And the best is not it often the enemy of the good?