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User Review

A price / performance ratio excllent! - Reviews Hartke HA3500

Bass Amplifier head:

- 350W into 4 Ohms
- 250W into 8 ohms

- Mixed Prampli lamp / transistors
- Power amplifier transistors
- Compressor intgrbr /> - 10-Band Equalizer
- Two knobs to "contour"

- Between a passive, one active between
- Effects loop on the rear of the head
- DI output with the possibility to choose pre or post pramplification

- Two 19-inch rack units
- Weight: 14 kg (!)


No need to manually ring the bte, the rglages are intuitive.

Playing on DIFFERENT knobs get the sound you get DSIR. The qualizer is not easy to use (many bands) but you get Tatouille obtain the desired sound, because the buttons are really sensitive ...

The compressor, however, is not terrible, it is better to use it sparingly (scale 2 or 3 max)


I play all styles of music with a Jazz Bass Squier VM, and gives me an ultra versatile configuration.

The choice, I plug in the head on a 2x10 or 1x15, or two couples. With two speakers in the ass is really the power to go, you will have a good margin before reaching the limits of the head. This is one of the big strengths of the HA3500!

I would describe the sound of modern and straight enough (typ Hifi), without staining particulire, contributing its great versatility.

Mine is in a SKB for flycase being protected during transport


I use it for over 2 years now and I am fully satisfied. I wanted to head a powerful and fairly neutral, so I'm delighted.

The HA3500 is a bestseller in Hartke and it's not for nothing. Of course, fans will wish typs sounds move into the most prestigious brands, but it will bring a much consquent budget.

If you have less than 300 budget (for the occasion), you are looking for a versatile head, strong and powerful, I did not see any equivalent!

Only default:
- Weight, 14kg is not really anything!
- The fan is noisy ... trs Gnant not when playing but can be a problem in the studio
- The DI is to fool quality rpute