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User Review

good but not great - Reviews Hartke HA3500

2 pre amp (lamp and transistor)
an effects loop with a potentiometer scale (from 0 to 100% of the signal passed through the loop)
DI output with selectable pre or post EQ
10-band equalizer
and severe acute stroke
integrated compressor
transistor amplifier

2 output jacks for speakers

Max power: 350watts

Everything is there, 9 / 10 because it is not innovative


No need to use manual for the amp, turn, it is tested, I like, I do not like ...
It is in the classic, then 9 / 10 because it is not innovative


For audio, we get easily what they want, but it lacks brilliance in sound to the treble . We remain in a sound dull, dull.

I use it with a low Traben Phoenix equipped with Bartolini AKG microphone input preamp.
For my stuff, they are in the loop.

On the compressor, not much to get by with a knob ...
It's a gimmick

7 / 10 because of lack of originality and brilliance, and the compressor is inoperable


I use it for over 2 years, every week in rehearsal, and at each concert.

I acquired it because it was an occasion I had the head with 4x10 cabinet for 300 € or 350 €, I do not know too much. So the price / quality ratio was excellent for me.

the + and -:

- Shine

+ Fat
+ EQ
+ Mixing effects loop

I do not put the compressor in - because you can cut it.

In the future I headed to a head the best quality, type or ampeg tc electronics