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User Review

tsou!'s review - Markbass Little Mark F1 Limited Edition

Characteristics data already ...
neg point: the DI is integrated by default in post. Inside you find a jumper that can move but in pre me, it does not work ... (More of her by the Sun)


Very easy to use, only the knob VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) is a study.


EQ very reactive! the mid eq 2 are placed on the spectrum (I think!) vraiemnt and work very well boost or cut
The VLE is actually a cut above with a boost to the cutoff (roughly!) Can be very useful and pretty colors the sound.

Amplifier that supports the mid ... well even when we get big bass and treble very clean!

roughly amp rather versatile and responsive.


Used for 1 year, no regrets! played on a 410 Hartke aluminum, an ampeg 410 classic and markbass trv 151p: We hear clearly the difference in these three speakers: one finds the faults of Hartke, Ampeg and grain dynamics markbass! evidence that this amp works well, different grains amps are evident.

Rated power ... ras ... never set a lap!
Without hesitation, I would do this choice! especially for the price in occas ...