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User Review

Real and true versatility watts - Reviews Mesa Boogie Basis M-2000

Value For Money : Correct
Amp type and power output: see product description
Régalges connection: see the link to the manual in the product description


Configuration is not necessarily the easiest since there are many possible settings, I would not recommend a beginner to this game (hence my score of 8)

Sounds are readily provided to love playing with the buttons, again this is not an amp for novice ... but the result is there way to have a beautiful palette of sounds: funk, rock, metal, jazz ...

The manual is good, but it lacks the wiring diagram


Yes, this amp suits me since I have the 2x15 "Markbass. This combination toggles between musette metal, funk to rock, from pop to disco, in short, a true 4x4!

Types of sounds: like any amp, it will not fit with any speaker! I tested three models and several low:
With my bass Noguera Expression Plus 5 (maple fingerboard), Ibanez SR800LE, or SR1500PD SR1305PD:
- Eden D410T: its very clean with a bump in the midrange
- Eden D410XLT: its too hot / deaf too short low default
- Markbass 152HR: its very clean, clear and punchy, a winning combination for my taste
With my bass Yamaha Attitude II or Fender American Deluxe V:
Whatever the cabinet, I found the report too hot / deaf too short low default, bad combination

I do not use a compressor effect except DBX160A


It will soon be two years that I have and I am satisfied, especially with the 2x15 "Markbass
In the past, I tried some amps (peavey, genz-benz, markbass, ampeg, hartke, Hughes & Ketner, Gallien Kruger, Glockenklang), I'm not a complete novice

Pros: great sounds, ability to have 4 different sounds by combining the two preamps and equalizers, compressors built on each channel amp "old" with real watts RMS (unlike some who proclaim that Watts we never see)

The -: weight (Racke once with a compressor and a tuner that makes 25kg +), the fact that it is too dull with a P-Bass or similar

This amp did not last long on the market and that's a shame. If it were sold today it would cost probably nine in 2300/2500 euros since it has more features than M9 Carbine which costs about 2000 euros. I acquired this French model (220v) with its bracket (found today), it suddenly makes more convenient.
1100 euros, a sum that is certainly for Cygnus, but it's worth, it's high-end gear and value for money!