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User Review

the butcher! - Reviews Mesa Boogie Bass 400+

the whole lamp 300w in 8ohm, 400w and 500w at 4ohms to 2ohms (but avoid 2 ohms to best preserve the transformer)

1 input for active low
1 input for low passive


simpler one can not!

is the mesa, so it sounds live but to find our own sound, you'll have to be patient, because as any mesa settings interact.

the mesa manual is as usual, to read if you want to be a true musician who know his amp and how the knobs react with each other.


We can do ANYTHING with it! the metal as reggae! I play with a PLO with a humbucker Delano.

on the other hand, go molo with the beast, for the first rehearsal I had done with, I eat all frequencies throughout the world, yet by the amp was very well adjusted and the volume that was to 2 ...


This is the ultimate amp need to possess. Unfortunately, it is rare, and most is a mesa boogie (quality = price) so certe must release a big ticket but you will not regret the purchase.

THE sound
mount a high quality (voice of an electronics bluffed)

careful not enclose any rack for ventilation