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User Review

A powerhouse - Reviews Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 Head

For specifications, see the datasheet.


The configuration is simple at first glance, we put everything at noon and sounds. It was after that it gets harder to find the LE. The frequency knob is for many. It is therefore as soon as the Mesa touches a button, the sound changes ... Should spend some time to find the Grail.

The manual is very technical and some examples are given settings (Rock, Slap, Reggae ...) EBS done better on that side with Fafner (which I also owned).


I play in a metal band and the sound is quite suitable.
I set everything at noon with virtually frequencies at 9am, the rest I rule directly on my Sandberg and sends it. I'll add a compressor to better penetrate into the mix and it will be good.

The overall sound is very focused mediums so we'll have to play on the EQ to get something more "guts". But it is still the very heavy.

The head is plugged into two cabs of the same brand, a 15 inch and 2x10. The best of both worlds.

However, I think this is an amp goes everywhere, regardless of the style ... But it will not please everyone.


I have been since 2012, bought secondhand, otherwise it is overpriced (even secondhand limit that is ...)

Before I had the EBS Fafner from home, I still regret having sold ... Gallien Krueger also (GT700 RB2).

It exudes quality and the sound is really good. Weight level is correct, the original fly box is rather stylish (leather) and robust 2 large handfuls.

Value for money ... It is therefore Mesa Made in USA, I opened the hood, it is nickel inside ... can not ask for more I think.

I do not know if I will ever choose this eyes closed, I will test may be more gear before I decide (Aguilar, EBS again ...)