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User Review

The good stuff with a very big sound schizophrenic on acid - Reviews Mesa Boogie Big Block Titan V-12 Rackmount

Value For Money : Excellent
Handmade in the USA
- 1200 W into 2 Ohms, 840 Watts into 4 Ohms and 650 Watts into 8 Ohms, power "Simul-State"
- 4x12AX7, 22 power MOSFET
- Active and passive inputs (switchable)
- 2 fully independent channels with controls for Gain, Active Bass, Active & Passive Mids, Mid Frequency (200Hz-2kHz), Active Treble and Master
- Overdrive activated via footswitch with controls Overdrive Level
- 2 instrument inputs (A or B) switch to connect one instrument and switch from one channel to another or to connect two instruments using only 1 channel preamp section with each corresponding
- Control output level
- Solo Level Control activated via footswitch
- Effects Loop with True Hard Bypass selector
- Tuner Output on front and back panels can be activated via the footswitch mute / standby on the front.
- Direct line output (balanced) with level control and selector grounding
- Input jack for external switching of channels 1, 2 inputs A or B, Solo, Mute
- 2 Speakon outputs combined with two speaker output jacks
- Slave Out with level control
- 5-Way Footswitch (Channel 1/Canal 2 + Overdrive Channel 1 / Channel 2 + Overdrive, Input A / Input B, Solo & Mute)
- Protective cover
- Sun & Weight: 25.4 Kg, 250 x 590 x 420 mm


The configuration is very simple, even with all the knobs on the center position, there are already big sound "bite" with lots of "potato" and punch.

It can happen Manual insofar as this amp is fairly simple to resolve, once we understand the configuration of the 4 channels.

We easily obtain a big sound, then you have to play with the knobs to tweak and find his own sound.

This amp is controllable with the pedals but is also provided with a controllable switcher kind Woodoo Lab GCX gear that I use because it allows you to switch 4 channels, mute, solo and input A or B, but also switcher effects previously wired in the effects loop of the amp.
Management rack is thereby much simpler and scalable.


This amp is widely agreed that the style of music I play (metal, rock ..) but also suitable for any style.

We have a well "go inside" but also a sound with many shades, sweetness and clarity.

I use it with a bass MusicMan Bongo 6 strings.

All sounds are fine for me, moving from one to the Cristalin through heavy saturations can shake the Great Wall of China and all audible keeping all the notes played, add to that a compressor properly adjusted and you get a Straightening his bat, in fact I wonder if in 2001 in New York, the two towers did not fall because of this amp would have been pushed back, we will know the truth hides ...

Information for my compressor before the amp is wired, thus I go into the amp with a more "disciplined" because by wiring the compressor in the loop of the amp you are exposed to issues of difference volume between the four channels, which will result in too much or not enough compression.


I use it for 2 years now, it is wired into my rack with:
- Korg DTR 1000 tuner
- DBX 160A compressor
- A wah Dunlop DCR-2SR
- Lab GCX switcher Woodoo
- A multi-effects TC Electronic G-Force

I tried another amp before acquiring it, is in my opinion is an excellent compromise between a transistor amp, a tube amp and a low saturation.
Good big sound with great definition, clear sound with distortion.

The value is like any Mesa Boogie gear, medium because of the price, but the key is the quality of the material, in this regard I hate the term "money" because the guy who bought the gear that stinks shit but he did not pay dearly say: "This is a good value for money"

Without hesitation I would do this choice, Mesa, good, big sound, but more dosh to pay the rest ...