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User Review

mister_sly's review - Mesa Boogie M-Pulse WalkAbout

300W amp preamp tube, transistor amplification
1 input jack, active passive switch / - output jack
The EQ is very intuitive and efficient: this is one of the strengths of this amp


Configuration is very simple. All afternoon and it already sounds very good. The bass is great (I have a 115 and a 210 of the same brand, it helps) and the adjustment range of mediums is very important.


Sure lamps and brand go to the rock ... to the sound track eliott, iron.
The amp can approach almost all the sounds in blues and rock record. Compared to Ampeg, I think we lose the vintage side of sound in the mids and bass are a little less round.
on the other hand, there is gaining momentum, attack, sustain in, heat ... For me no picture at the same price between two brands.


I use it for 1 year after going through Markbass and Hartke. The comparison is unnecessary, the range is not the same. The effect is immediate live: no need to force the volume to penetrate the mix! To 10/10, would have had to do all the weight of a Markbass, but this is missed (not so much the amp but the speakers is the beast 32Kg) ...
A redo: obviously (as I have the biceps to wear ...)