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User Review

Good all-tube head - Reviews Orange AD200B MKIII

Bass Amp any lamp

Not too many settings (volume, bass, mid, treble, master) when this branch and it sounds why would we need?

Hp output is only Jack, no spickon it's a shame I find Hp jack cables are still less reliable, I burnt my power tubes because of a defective cable Hp.


I used this amp with an Ampeg 4x10 for bass. It was very good.

This is very good for passive electric bass. I've also used for bass with an analog synth (yamaha CS-5) and there it was excellent!

No need to book.

I had the opportunity to play different Heads Ampeg tube when the displacement allowed us to take our back line. I think it's all good amps both have good heat in the bass. I have a slight preference for the color orange anyway. It may be a bit more distinctive, a bit less polyvalant but suddenly more personality can be.

Another advantage for the orange, it is less heavy (already you got hurt to have friends when you have to unload the truck ...)

For the bass, I also love the Gallien Krueger MB150S/112 has a big advantage: it is very small.


Finding a good sound with this amp is easy, simply connect a quality instrument and put on a good speaker.

The volume control allows you to play nice ment on the warmth of the sound, the Equal doing its job.

This amp is still powerful and in contexts that do not play too hard too, between 2 and 2.2 on the master it's still a big gap so it is not always easy to adjust. When you can play a stronger can he provides a physical sensation very nice bass that can do a good job to support and take off the other comics.


I used this amp for 5 or 6 years, I thought I would keep them for life but I had to stop the zic for a time because it put my privacy too loose.

I sold it for that in this job when you're professional you touch unemployment benefits and when you're unemployed you're at RSA ...

If I had to rock, electro, reggae, and I had the tunes, I would buy this amp. For bass in a more acoustic context I would to Gallien Krueger for the price and weight.