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User Review

Swiss Army Knife - Reviews TC Electronic BH500

Any transistor amp, 500W @ 4 ohms. XLR line output pre / post, RCA AUX input, 3 user presets, multiband compressor, tuner, Contour, Bass, low mid, high mid, treble, tweetertone (tweeter speaker emulation), Tubetone (OD overdrive emulates the lamps ), headphone jack ...


I took this head on hand without the fuss (it is beautiful!). More seriously, the book I was not necessaire.C is clear, intuitive, access is direct, no menus and submenus to settle something, despite the many possibilities of the device. We branch and play.


The controls are super efficient, the sound is neutral and respects the identity of the instrument. I perceive as soon as I replug my Ampeg B2R! With the BH500, we pass a rock very heavy and greasy, has the old (going low in passive tweetertone is cut, we add a touch of Tubetone and adjusted his low, mid, etc ... ) has a very hollow sound slap (pressing the button outline contour type-2-pro, it compresses a bit hop is the trick!) in 2 seconds! And we all memorized it like a good old car, pressing up on the 3 flashing diponibles.Simple presets, fast and flexible. One can even say 4 presets, press again for the current preset, there is the sound of what you have in visual setting (the famous "What You See Is What You Get"). In addition we feel that this amp was in the belly. It's dynamic, CA pushes really hard and it produces very infra puissantes.Peut even be too much for my poor speakers 200W each conceding that ... But unless the knobs are typed Fender (a substantive level 3 and nothing beyond ...), I play on 3-4 in repeated and it is already enough!


I recently got tested already intesive possibilities of the beast. I've had amps neutral (like a Hartke HA3500) and a very distinctive amp (Ampeg B2R). I have tried other amps here and there.
What seduced me, without having tried it:
Reputation-TC electronic
It's all in one solution (tuner, overdrive, presets, connectors, although it lacks some things (I will return below), and the price (thank you China ...)
This confirms my choice:
-The sound palette
It is easy to handle
-The intelligent design (the volume of DI is independent of master.On can save on your PC, the speakers connected, the master has 0 and yet the signal is coming convenablement.Pas case on my Ampeg ...)
What bothers me:
HP single-output, Speakon in surcroit.Faut still buy a cable ...
-Not to manage presets pedalboard or disto
No-connection as an output to power amp or preamp input or effects loop. Even if I do not use all this ... The good thing is that the connections are all facade !

To summarize, this head has a very good price / performance (to see over time for reliability), with embedded solutions which avoids the 40 pedals and alims necessary, whether for registration, repeated, or Work at home. So she can claim the title beast scene, it lacks a pedalboard for managing presets live. But if it does not change its current chip, it makes the case.

For that I use, I do it again this choice without hesitation. This is the kind of product I expected!