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TC Electronic RH450

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Rebel Rebel

Well-known for its studio and guitar digital effects, TC Electronic enters the bass market with the RebelHead450, a 450-watt amplifier head with speaker cabinet. read more…

User Reviews

serious design flaw!

By charlyschoepflin, 21/11/2014
Transistor amp ... with 3 presets, compressor, eq 4 band semi para DI output, AES ...
So why this catastrophic view?
See more!


It could not be simpler ...


Good diversity in the sounds, the final touches will be the choice of the associated speakers.
Especially good power into 4 ohms.


I'm bassist for over thirty years and I have tried many brands and models, I had the Mesa 400+ bass, Gallien ...

Since 04/2012 or I bought this head TC, I was very happy, especially weight and portability, but the sound ...
except perhaps the extreme fragility of buttons knobs on the front. (+ the first pedal LC4 command did not work, changed Guarantee)
They break the first pull / disassembly for cleaning the front and then they no longer hold the knobs. (Broken rear claws on almost all buttons, forced to paste) rather means for the "high end".
These buttons much beyond steel chassis, making them very vulnerable, especially for a so-called "nomadic" head!
The most serious is that behind these buttons there is an electronic card that is "cash received by the various efforts these pots too exposed!

So in September 2014, while the two-year warranty is exceeded for about six months, the drama!

Here I turn on the amp and ... more his or so:
rotten sound, but with very random and erratic over the settings of the knobs on the front panel answers ...

After consulting TC for the repair, I Mélisson shipped to Paris.
I just received their repair quote!
€ 273.76 to repair a head two and a half years! which is still € 700 (we can hope some reliability).
I say that it has not undergone any fall, it has not been abused or subjected to intensive tour and it is transported in a padded case, buttons up.

Verdict: the PCBA board, P18301, 1038 MAINBOARD to change ... The card receives the knobs ... Coincidentally ...

BIG design flaws!
If the metal shell was wider, the knobs are simply immune to shocks and stresses, and I think it is possible to design buttons that support the manipulation, even Behringer arrives!

After consulting TC not care! (Expired warranty) not recognized design fault ...
C'mon ...

I am very disappointed with the reliability of the head, however, was also very satisfying for me!

So, I think this will be my last product from TC, this damage is not a good pub!
A wise!

Amp Aladeen

By Mouloud Holywood, 13/09/2012
First of all, this notice as a post through an ISP situ Wadia, i respect the wadienne grammar. Pre censorship of the people, the Admiral Aladeen Gnral, watch what words remplacs by Aladeen are.

The RH450 is a class D amp 450 Aladeen ral. It is dot dun Aladeen 3 band, dun dun Aladeen and Aladeen. Laccordeur built-toues recognizes the finely Aladeen which is very convenient.

The connection is very Aladeen.


You plug in the Aladeen Aladeen and any dish, it sounds very clean. If we push a little Aladeen, we get a very nice grain. What is revolutionary, this is that once the Aladeen found can save the pRSET in Aladeen. There are three Aladeen available.

The Aladeen is really easy rgler with Aladeen paramtriques. The Aladeen franais but really is as useless as the vain efforts of Western imprialistes.

The rglages also as Aladeen that Aladeen, we can really move forward accompanied by this amp.


Easily obtained nimporte what dAladeen style, more neutral, no typ. We can highlight Aladeen or Aladeen choice. The Aladeen is still very taken and very Aladeen. Associated with the speakers of the brand, we get a very Aladeen Aladeen.

To say that Aladeen shoots from Ampeg Aladeen is to say that the Wadia enriched secret military quality plutonium. However, as the TC boxes contain Aladeen Celestion, explained the link Ampeg.


Jai test Aladeen., With a myriad of other models. Jai craqu for its large Aladeen, this is to say the quality of Aladeen.

The report Aladeen / Aladeen is extra from the drop Aladeen following the release of the RH750. Second hand, there are vritables Aladeen do.


By redcarp, 23/06/2012
Class D amp type "numeric" with a power of 450W for about 4KG. Already, it is huge. But in addition it works fine without baffle. Thus making it also an excellent pre-amp for the studio. the equalization is monstrous efficiency, the compressor is formidable and integrated user presets true comfort on stage. the Tubetone (emulation lamp) is (for me) more anecdotal. Full connectivity is great and paradoxically simple, indeed it manages certain parameter alone as a great. And the low active or passive, it démerde is the same input, same for the impedance of the speaker or the supply voltage. At the rear an excellent preamp output that is because I use a lot: on small stage I'm too lazy to carry the cabinet industry and I therefore direct sound, big on stage, I put my back and baffle as j sends the output sound to the front, and I use it as a recording preamp directly into my sound card. These are characteristics that motivated my choice (size, weight, sound quality, versatility)


Super simple setup (fortunately, I am a musician, not an astronaut, too much button or parameter and I stress). I used the manual function to access the schedule by the shift knob but frankly, by adjusting the compressor, I use it almost not. I find it easy to have a good sound. this amp is a very straight, it fully respects the instrument. It is far from an all-tube Ampeg head, but it is not at all on the same philosophy. I play the instrument very different: an acoustic bass equipped with a sensor david pledge realist, a Lower fender jazz bass special frettless japan from 1986, it is equipped with a passive micro precision and a Jazz and a sandberg fretted with the same config micro but I use mainly actif.Le TC makes it sound either all these instrument.


I think this is an amp that can suit the style of music asset because it actually preserves the characteristic of the instrument that connects. most of the equalization is so effective that we do what we want.


I use it since February 10, 2012 So five months to date. I tried a dozen brands of diverse amp is the only one who rang my bass and my basses as well for that weight. I buy new and I do not regret my purchase. It's expensive, but it's good material I use for everything, amp (with speaker), DI (without cabinet), a mix of both, and pre amp for home recording. it allows me to sculpt my sound in all its configuration and with + or - 4KG I can really rest evaluate the duration of life of the class D amplifier I chose to trust a brand electronic Tc, we'll see.

Just huge!

By ChTBoner, 09/08/2011
Transistor amplifier, Class D

450W (800 peak)

SpectraComp (multiband compressor)
4-band parametric EQ
TubeTone (simualation lamps preamplifier and amplifier)
Master Volume
3 Presets
Built-in tuner.

At the front: an input jack, headphone output
On the back: DI output, XLR output for sound card input RC, RC4 pedal input ...


Extremely easy to use.

The equalization is impeccable and precise, no worries about that.
The tube emulation is quite impressive, very warm sound, not even offer a saturation of the most beautiful effect.
The presets are easy to store and changed, we can not more intuitive.

The utility has several knobs that are active in pressing the "Shift":
Gain knob adjustment deveint SpectraComp
The EQ is parametric (ie it manages the frequencies on which it acts by turning the knobs)
The manager becomes a TubeTone volume presets

Pressing Mute the sound cuts, and the LEDs around the knob is a bass tuner. The focus marks the reference and another point comes close to or away from focntion the accuracy. Handy

Finally, we get easily a wide range of sound. The signal is observed, and the spirit of the bass is intact.


In my opinion, does not color the signal at all, it lends itself to all styles without exception.

If it is modern (TC presents him as the receiver 2.0), and thus provides "a default with the full spectrum of bass, but the TubeTone tampering and cutting the treble a bit, we get easily vintage sound interesting?
Basically you do what you want.

I play on Pedullá and Warwick, two bass with a strong personality, and I hear the sound by plugging directly into the sound card are there. It's very nice.


I've had a good week. I have long eyed it, I almost got back on MarkBass, good cam, a bit more accessible hand, when an opportunity presented itself near me OPUR an RH450.

I do not regret it. I will long, simply because we do what we want. It can be taken throughout his saccoche.

Even new, the price / quality ratio is unbeatable, only Markbass is able to compete.

In short, simply excellent.
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  • Added in our database on: 12/28/2011

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[NAMM] TC Electronic RebelHead450

Published on 01/22/09
TC Electronic enters the bass player market with an amp system without compromise: The RebelHead450 bass head, RebelStack cabinets and RebelControl.

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