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User Review

r1bassmanr1's review - Tech 21 Landmark 300

Value For Money : Excellent
300 Watt Bass Head, 2 channel analog circuits 100%.

Channel 1 features a "Blend" which is for the determination to control the direct sound of the instrument with the sound processed by the preamp.

Channel 2 has a parametric equalizer that can boost or cut the desired frequency range of 170Hz to 3.5 kHz.

Drive settings of each channel can get all kinds of saturation in overdrive to distortion.

XLR direct output switchable from -10 dB to 0 dB (SansAmp ® technology) for studio applications.

The switch "Gain" on the front is a boost of 10 dB.

Output neutral (buffer) used to connect a tuner or attack another head (dry signal through emulation).

Output for HP.

Effects loop.

SansAmp XLR output that acts as a direct box to distribute the sound of Landmark 300 to a mixer. This output is switchable from-20dB to 0dB.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Switch "Gain" to boost the preamp 10dB depending on the microphones. For example, with a low output, passive pickups, the "Gain" can have more punch. Conversely, a higher output, active pickups, you can have a brighter sound with the "Gain" disengaged.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Effects loop.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Exit "Tuner" (tuner) independently, and therefore not affected by the preamp.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Connectors Speakon high quality to ensure maximum power and a connection to any test.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Rack Mounting Kit.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Inlus Footswitch to change channels or switch on the two channels at once using the switch "Mix". It can also agree with silence switch "Mute". Finally, it is powered by the Landmark 300.


Very simple configuration:

Just turn the knobs to hear sound and chamgemnts quickly get the sound.
To obtain the desired sound should still some time to adapt to get a mix of all the knobs a way to hear the sound you want.

No manual comes with for me.

A little more is the footswitch. It allows to transfer, to mix the two channels and to choose the first or second channel. You get used very quickly. If not on the front there is a small knob that selects the channel but no posibility on the facade, to mix the two.


Very typical head, giving her a warm, round and very well suited to all that is rock, metal ...

I used to make metal and all that attention to the ears. Also setting the drive can give a little something to your instrument. Plus the drive is fully over the bass punch.

I use it with an Ibanez SRX 505, produces just as great, a Boss TU-2 Chromatic, now indispensable element, a noise suppressor NS-2, a big muff, from time to time and CF7 Ibanez, also of time time. This head supports very well the effects.


I uitilise for about 6 months and I was not disappointed for a second. If I had to buy an amp head I do it again the same choice without doubt.

Before buying it I was left on a Hartke, the 3500 ha, I tried a égalemnt gallien Krugger.
Compared to the Hartke, the Tech21 was more rocker, while the other was more versatile, and that's what I wanted.
For gallien Krugger my choice was made in two seconds. The attack had no gallien NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good quality / price ratio: paid about € 800, which is not necessarily for everyone, but frankly compared well in quality.