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User Review

Vintage await you! - Reviews Ampeg B200r

This is a hybrid amp with a 12AU7 in preamp.
It is the 220w (which already sends)
It has a hp Eminence 15 "Custom Designed.
Simple 4 band EQ (bass, low mid, high mid, treble)
Three small buttons that serve to boost different frequencies.
A gain for the preamp, two diode for peak saturation volume.

Level connectivity:
There are two went to 0 and-15db for active basses.
Output "phones" (jack) and an output "line" (XLR) with their own output level.
If we go back the beast we see two types of outputs to the hp "with horn" and "without horn" which for me works very well.


A real say I never opened the manual.
It's plug and play, you plug the sound you ride, and you dessuite pure sound! Good must still be low following ;)


Have revolutionized the Ampeg bass amplification as they do in some dung midrange that interval not Moitiers their price (my opinion), so I did not know what to expect because I n 've never heard this edition!
I turn on the amp, I let a little heat history to take full advantage of the lamp preamp, and surprise! Its a great vintage, with big low round, 15 "to do a lot. Regarding low or rather sub-bass is pretty well servis.Les are crisp treble and midrange good 70's, the luxury ..
Okay I admit that this amp is not very polyvalant and it is to my taste the only thing that we just blame him, he is oriented vintage, even if there are ways to make it sound more modern view the bass and EQ!
If you want THE sound Ampeg, so I do not know his pence to be the best choice.
I play a 5 string Thudebird and really benefits, its gives a fabulous stamp. I play mainly rock and finger like a pick it sounds! I also have an OD (Snarling Dog Tweed E Dog) who do resortir grain fabulous.
Group is more easily found his place.
In short, a great amp!


I use it for 2 years, I've tested a lot of models before this one (Ashdown, MarkBass, Harkte, Warwick, Gallien Krueger) and for the price (it seems to me 400E reduction), it is a quality Student Reports / exeptionnel price!
100 I remake this choice with the same budget.