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User Review

Beansbassman's review - Ampeg B200r

It's a nice combo with a lamp 12AU7 Hybrid (Electro Harmonix) in preamp.
There are four EQ knobs (bass, low mid, high mid, high), one for the preamp, 1 for volume and a final output level for the headphone / lineout in XLR is misleading but this is not a DI.
Boosts 3: bass and high bass and so increase the treble, mid and he digs the mediums.
Bowl 15 "and tweeter that does not blow too easily strike.
There are also books with wheels, easily assembled / disassembled.


The configuration is very simple, you go up the level of the preamp up to the limit of the red clip, then the volume and really sounds like "vintage tube", perfect for playing soul / blues / rock 70's.


I have a good custom Plow son up with ropes course, a purr ... excellent. States that before I had a combo Markbass 15 "which quickly made silent as head of the room, with the Ampeg is of nickel. For fans of 80's slap is clearly not the best choice.


I had 2 combos in 3 weeks (11 days of use).

And yes, despite his pretty little face and sound of hell, the reliability is not his strong point. The first was a big worry of blowing the line out and sent deuxime big "shoot / poc" ignition / off, as well as connecting / disconnecting the lineout or headphones, finally after 4 days (only one repeated) it was no longer short allum I stop my experience of the B-200R.
I may have run into a series problem in any case it is unworthy of a great manufacturing as Ampeg.
I returned my first love Hartke aluminum cones and hanging a dead donkey ... fortunately for Fender released the TV series Bassman, which is in line with the Ampeg rocket, a real treat!