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User Review

HarkBones's review - Ampeg B200r

AMP 220w

Pramp lamp (a lamp 12AU7)
amplifiers transition
hp + piezo tweeter easily dbranchable
feature ultra low, mid, and high
more legalization band 4

nice range, but not hyper polivalente served its purpose, the "ultra" are feeling well, especially low that really grow. function without tweeter will delight people who do not like or who likes choice. The Difference is subtle, but the grain treble and the body of her comes out changs. good design when we know that the goal is to reproduce the "vintage" with a few extras.


Trs simple


Style: vintage plutt East, as mentioned above, however, pretty clear sound, but with warmth, touch. the 220w are not the strongest I've heard, but the sound of prsence. no great variation on the wholesale rglages brings subtlety, but it does sound good. I heard bad reviews, and that's what I'm doing yrpondre little positive comment, I like much more than style brands markbass, Hartke I heard the same kind of range. Hartke: not too much personality. Markbass: too cold, trs good quality but a little dplaisant my ears.
A little CHRE perhaps for charactristiques it offers, but still enjoyable. aa changed my game and I spend hours playing. I play with a precision passive standard, although the brand caractristque my bass as well all spring even connotes "vintage" (but really not too vintage caricature.)


2 weeks of use.
I like this clear, you can really adjust lime with her little fingers.
It seemed to me much more than INTERESTED ba 500 is good but not that small dclic and whose 500 watts m'intresse does too (though with an extension cabinet may be that the sound takes off a bit, not try priced a little more EXAGRES (agree to pay for watts, but then with a sound that follows). So qualitprix report ampeg typically good days. (ie expensive but we do not regret if you like the sound it gives, and you know you will not find elsewhere.)
ngatif the only point is that it is not a magic button that turns it into 810 hp with head vst. (A solution which no manufacturer seems to have pens.)
The highest score, so a little subjective, but is it that this is not always the case?