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User Review

quiet work - Reviews Ampeg BA-108

Value For Money : Excellent
_ Amplification transistor

_ Power 25 Watts

_ Setting bass, middle, treble

_ An active input (-15 db) and passive (0 db)

_ An entry for player to work on these favorite songs.


_ The amp takes easily to hand, no need to tweak the settings for 3 years, one branch is played.

_ The manual exists but totally useless (the manual is clear but the amp really takes easily in hand)

_ The sound is good, after that remains a working amp. but I was surprised to find the Ampeg grain, and even if a serious do not (too) flinch.


_ I use it for my work basslines (metal / hardcore) without effects, with 2 in warwick if (B). The sound produced is transparent, the settings are effective and reactive power is more than respectable. (May be sufficient for an acoustic repet). We can approach anything like musical style.

I just blame him for some fishing in serious but you can catch it easily.


I've had almost a year. I am fully satisfied, the price / quality ratio is excellent.

I remake that choice without being have to pay me.

Stay Brutal!