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User Review

demonaz's review - Ampeg BA-110

Everything has been said ...


Very easy to use, I did not have the manual but I had no problems to make it sound. Quickly we get a good sound.

I used repeated guitar with my band and the power and quality of the report is perfect for me. There is nothing wrong. The guitarist uses 100 watt marshall and we play hard enough but it follows perfectly. I'm on volume 3.


The sounds are really good you can do almost anything if chippote a bit and if you have an active bass with your preamp. For a low power amp sound is really amazing (well, playing with the Ampeg)

I play with an Ibanez btb 400 of melodic metal and a bit of blues, rock, composition ... I am confused very easily.

I also have an Ampeg SVT3 pro that I use in rehearsal with drums and guitar, there is the signature sound of the Ampeg combo.


I've had a few weeks and I've done it around. What I like most is the ease of use and is very quickly found a good sound. The knobs are quite sensitive to a 30watt and it is powerful enough.

Before I tested some kind of low power Hartke and Laney amp but it's nothing next to this one. As mentioned earlier, we play on the ampeg and it's still a certain range amp. What I like least is the quality of finish is not great but better than other brands in the same category. And the fact that it is made in china ...

I find rappot money very honest. I got it used for 120 € and it was 1 year old. A good deal ...

I remake that choice without hesitation.