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User Review

moosers's review - Ampeg BA-110

The Ampeg BA-110 is a solid state bass guitar combo amplifier. It has 30 watts of power and has a 1/4 inch input to plug your instrument in. It has a single ten inch speaker and has control knobs for EQ, volume, and also has a contour switch. The amp is extremely easy to use and basic in terms of its characteristics.


The configuration of the Ampeg BA-110 amp is very simple, and setting it up couldn't be easier. Pretty much just plug in your bass and set the controls to your likings, and you're good to go. It is easy to get a good sound from this as the inherent tone is thick and full. There are a good amount of parameters, which gives you a good amount of control over your tone. I don't have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that I never needed one.


I use the Ampeg BA-110 mostly as a practice amp, but the sound is definitely suitable for live shows and recording if you choose to use it that way. I play mostly rock and pop music, so I use this amp for those genres for the most part, but the amp is suitable for pretty much any type of music you'd like to use it with. Since you have a lot of control over your tone, you can manipulate it to work for all types of applications.


I've been using the Ampeg BA-110 for about two years and it has worked very well for me. While I have other bass guitar amp options that I use to record with if I want to record with an amp, this is great amp because it is easy to move around and is perfect for band practice or to bring to gigs. It is pretty cheap in price, but still has the nice tone quality you expect from Ampeg amps. Overall, perfect for those looking for a cheap option with a good tone to practice and gig with.