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User Review

pied2nez's review - Ampeg BA-110

The descriptions below are very well done (oh the fleimard)


Configuration is very simple, easily get the sounds I want. From memory there's no manual and that's fine like that ....


I play a lot of progressive and should be well Autti Vace my Cort A5 (the modern) qu'avace febder my jaguar (its vintage).

J'obtient as crystalline sounds very deep stuff that no particular worries ...

I like the coloration of the sound that gives this amp (I'm gonna try a marshall combo) but this time I preferred the Ampeg. I play it for a couple of years.


I over the years since its release (but I remember how long).

I like its sound, but I do not like the weight and buzzzzz it broadcasts continuously (but I know another user of this amp which has no such worries)

I tried "only one other model and the time I joauis a roland cube in (you have to start one day)

Nothing to say about the quality for the price very well ...

With the same budget I will definitely choose the same