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User Review

Heather_fr's review - Ampeg BA-110

Well, I repeat:

transistor, 30 W into 4 Ohms, passive and active inputs, CD, line out and headphones.
HP 10 inches

An edge to boost the bass (I think it makes it a bit too confusing in songs like By the way that require a clear, so I abuse it, but it is used for very deep bass anyway)

Tilt back on stage, care must be taken not to get into it if we want to prevent it from tumbling.


The setting is simple:

incidentally Contour

the manual is more than enough, even a beginner (that's experience) it can easily be found without reading it.
We identify the different sounds quickly potential and can quickly find a sound.


It is suitable for all styles of music, from funk to hard through the blues and the old Shuffle very fat and round.

I play without effects on a Hohner Headless configuration jazz.

I use the passive channel most often, except when I want to shake the walls of my room.

One can easily get percussive sounds and effective, and change dramatically while making the rounds on the contour.


I use it since I started, and I like its power relative to its size.

To pass over the guitars I did not push the sound too, which is quite nice.
I often inclined to have a direct return.

The value for money was excellent because I got it at half price ^ ^
In fact I had the right to the end of series, so the store they were generous.

With experience I think I would rather a slightly more powerful model, but I do not regret at all for buying this one, it was to start walking.