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User Review

Heavy! - Reviews Ampeg BA-115HP

Combo 220 watt speaker 15 "transistor but closer to 150 and I think

Entries for low active and passive, CD input, headphone output and XLR output

Style 5 positions and 3-band equalizer, Volume and Gain control, mute button

Very helpful casters to move this mass without much effort ...


Simple configuration but it is not his sound in 5 minutes you have to look a minimum and adjust the settings with the Style button to change the sound dramatically.

Very useful manual

The sound is flat good. Naturally very round and warm but we can get a much higher pitch by turning the valuable Style button.
After that depends on the bass used but even my Squier midrange sounds perfectly with this amp


At home on ALL styles except as extreme Metal etc ... but even better on the Reggae, Rock, Funk, Pop and Soul.

We get the sound you want by searching a little, but greatly colors the sound of your bass Ampeg way, we like it or dislike it try.

I love the style position 2 we obtain a well-rounded sound, deep and warm wishes
I never use the 5 position style too acute for me


I used since 2013 to gain 5 and 7/8 max volume if the neighbors call the police (no kidding!)
After this course it is still not out 220 watts planned and it is unacceptable to put it forward for selling.

I tried the Fender models and others in the same price range but they do not suit me.

What I like most is the style I find very effective position 2.
What I hate is the famous Tweeter makes the sound of the amp disgusting! luckily I disabled because it completely distorts the sound and breath creates and amplifies noise.

The quality is there to share the good Watts announced but it is very expensive and the Tweeter is extremely unpleasant.
For once against disabled the sound is very good but it is subjective, try.
A buy without hesitation if the budget is there even if it costs an arm competition at the same price seems to me average