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User Review

severe bumps here in the legs! - Reviews Ampeg BA300 115

Value For Money : Excellent
it is a 300w RMS combo with a preamp 12AU7A lamps with, from left to right, two instrument inputs "Odb" and "-12db" a lED "peak mute" button and a "mute" to mute when 'branch on his bass, then, with a compression section, a "treshold" button, a LED and a button to set it off, after a pre-amp section including, 1 3-band EQ (bass, middle and treble sound + volume), a 5-position rotary switch "style" and 2 "ultra-hi" and "ultra-low" pushbuttons, finally, a "master" button and the start of the amp.
behind it was the power plug, the "effect loop" section with "send" and "return", the "line-out" section with a "level" button, the dedicated output jack, the XLR output dedicated two push "pre" and "post" button and finally, the output jack "tune out".
You can also adjust the level of treble horn with a circular switch at the rear of the amp.


for me, it is simple to use ... 3 buttons to settle the case and go!
the manual, I do not care!
ah, my good man, if he leaves a bad sound of this combo, I go to the convent!
ah! ah!
for me it is perfect, no complaints here bump into the legs and here is enough for me!


it is very suitable for rock and other music certainly ...
I connected with my K5 in and it was really an amazing wedding!
I sent the heavy with slipknot .... and others .... and pick please! , And here congnait my legs with as much force as I pressed my attacks!
response, there ...
for other sounds, I did not have lingered too long because I'm more into rock now ...


I tried it this afternoon with one of my students and it was a good memory!
for all models I've tried looking at my test bench!
what I love most, the quality and strength of the combo, the sound that you bump into the slip, the sonic possibilities, handles and castors for transport!
what I like least, I do not know ....
the price / quality ratio is good, € 690 for a combo of this quality, it is!