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User Review

fabi06's review - Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo

For specifications, see previous post or on the website of Ashdown.


Easy to use. All the features are working, the EQ and the two Deep functions (function "big potato dynamic") and Bright (depending on its crystal clear and) allow a great flexibility. The sub harmonic function is nice but quite small, it can add some serious harmonic, but it does not replace a true octave. DI output on the front is frankly welcome the rendering is really good at making sounds. One thing "con" on / off button is behind (?), But it's a detail.
Finally, in terms of finishing, it's heavy but sturdy and flawless. The retro look with the meter is excellent. For transportation, the handles are large and practical. When you play with the volume, nothing vibrates is stable.


I play it with a Stingray 4 and an Ibanez SR500, in soul-funk styles. The sound is big and warm in the bass, and treble, it is clear and slamming. The two 10''and the tweeter is super effective. For the groove it is frankly amazing. To slap, slap like that is terrible though. The EQ settings are effective, we can easily find the sound we like and needed. For the other directories, I think it has enough versatility to provide. I once heard a friend playing with a pick on it with my Stingray, nothing to say the sound and grain are beautiful and well made. Otherwise, I've played with a 5 string Stingray with reasonable amounts of rehearsal, if the grave was clear and not runny. Now, large volume for the stage, I do not know if it remains clear. In any case, everyone will say it would be wise to connect a subwoofer in addition to 15''(the connector is provided on this combo). Otherwise a 4 string is a pure joy!


3 years I have. Frankly, I see no fault. The sonic potential of the beast are excellent for this price range amp. The quality / price ratio should be easily beatable: for my part I have not found. Ashdown is a very good brand, very similar to other "big" builders: there is nothing to be ashamed! I do not regret my choice. To test urgently. Even for the purchase of his first amp, the choice can be done with eyes closed, with the versatility it offers and its price.