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User Review

Dd16's review - Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo

For features, I will say as the fellow below, refer to the site for Ashdown accurate information.

Otherwise, I can tell you it has everything I need and more.

Function Sub-Harmonics and friendly although a bit feeble. I use it as a real octaver to play some funky stuff sometimes, I do not intend to buy a pedal, this little gizmo is more than enough for me what I do.

For the "compression" I do not like it but somehow I think I do not like this kind of sound, even with a real pedal ...
Maybe some people will enjoy for a little more aggressive attacks (slap or pick).


Super simple setup: Bass - Low-Mid Mid - High Mid and Treble.

I want to say that the knobs are pretty sensitive, but the spectrum is not excessive: the changes are not made only between 8am and 2am position, the sound is rough when you push a few adjustments.

All afternoon and the sound is very correct, personally, I push a little bass and mids and cut a little treble or I disable the EQ and Deep j'enclenche button, it's really not a bad setting, a practice that stuff.

I had no manual with it was the last of the store and I think he was lying more or less since some time, that's why I got it at that price.


Then the sound really good, I use it almost without effect (sometimes a tremolo or phaser).

I play mostly covers of Pink Floyd and the first set I'm talking about above me is very much: it is round and clear and the attack is intense.

For the Blues and Funk, I prefer the second setting: a pretty serious sound with beautiful very burdensome. I add a damper on the bass and the sound I really like.

I played with a Cort B5 and if passes without serious drooling but it still lacks some precision volume medium-high, maybe I'm going to add a 4 * 10 in 8ohms to remedy that and to have a sound a little more "heavy"?

I played Dream Theater (no nags songs too) and frankly, the result was very correct.


Overall I am very happy with this amp for this price, I think it is part of the best although I must admit I have not tested much.

I hesitate especially with the classic Ampeg BA-115, I have tried long before I decided and frankly "there is no picture": the Ampeg really lacks precision and I think it is much less versatile than the Ashdown .

I also am "site with the EBS Classic Session 60, I think if it had been a bit more powerful, I will have it made.

I still wish he was a grain a little but honestly it's typed, like amp to play Repeat 'and little room, it is awfully nice ^ ^.

Later, as if I had, I would take a good speaker with a 200 Hiwatt 4 * 12 and it would be resolved.