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Fender BXR 100

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User Reviews

franzreichardt's review

By franzreichardt, 21/01/2008
100 watt amp with transistor hp 15 '. Presence of a 7-band equalizer. Three switches: bass, midrange and treble. Bass and treble contour. Two outputs: line and headphones. Both inputs: passive and active. Black. I love the look of the whole class and this is old. I also use the function notch (notch filter).


Simple configuration, this amp is very easy to reach: you plug the jack and the roar (of course, after turning the amp ...). On his "research" is relativemant easy to find the equalizer is there to greatly simplify the task. In my case, I increase the treble just a bit (having dropped the key on my Jazz Bass) and j'obtient a beautiful sound.
I bought it without a manual, so no idea on this subject.


This amp delights me for my game, rather rock (with a late pick), the bass is prédonminante in my music.
I use my Jazz Bass Fender on it and this association is really nice, I found the sound I wanted and I can not leave.
The amp has a nembreux settings but I prefer to change the bass or technical change (sometimes I play with the thumb) to change the tone of the whole.
I like this bass sound and cold offered transistors, warmed by the Jazz Bass (but I would try a tube amp one day ...).


I use it for 5 years and I never wanted to go elsewhere, the sound that I became my reference. I really like the sound it delivers (shame that Fender does makes more ...).
J'avous I was lucky, I walked into the store just knowing that I wanted an amp, I came away with that and I do not regret it.
I think the price / quality ratio is good (but I do not really know the other amp of this price as attractive).
I would do without hesitation that choice.

strike13's review

By strike13, 29/12/2004
100 watt transistor amp, hp 15 '
7-band equalizer
switches to boost bass, midrange and treble
bass and treble contour
line and headphone outputs
passive input + input active
effects loop


It's a breeze that the use of this amp
once we found what we want at the equalizer, the sound is adjusted with the contours ..
slapper want? no problem, we play on the switches to boost bass and treble ..


I played this amp for several years, rock mostly, but this amp is very versatile, you can play many different styles depending on the settings you are doing.
I played it with an aria pro 2 (active) and a Jazzbass (passive), and the sound really depends on the instrument.


This is a great amp for rehearsals, concerts style piano bars, can also play outdoors (the advertised power is not usurped, and I did not need to push the volume beyond "6 ") unless you are playing at Stade de France, of course! ;-)
is an ideal investment to start, as it accompanies us throughout life and reveals its potential as and measuring our progress, even after many years ..
I think for the 100w amp, it is in the lead.

Yannou le Jacky's review

By Yannou le Jacky, 22/03/2004
100W amplifier transistors
An HP 15 "
2 instrument inputs
3 switch for awesome sound: deep, notch, bright
Rglage a gain
2 rglages of bass and treble equalization
7-band graphic equalizer
Loop for effects
Line Out


Manual: no opinion on this because bought used without manual

The rglages however, are simple and do not ncssitent manual.
The sound is a bit hard settle, several settings with similar effects: Deep Bass equalizer and such. It is better to record the configuration once the sound is found.


The overall sound of this amp is rather typical jazz sound with a lot of mediums, CHARACTERISTICS HP 15 ".
However it is possible to approach more modern sounds, but this is his area of ​​prdilection aps.
The sound is very dry, no heat, extremely transistor, very far from his lamp.
The amp is powerful enough to play in bars or repeated if you play with a drummer who tappe too hard and not pushing their guitar amps 100 watts constant background. Compar other 100 watt amps in the same price range (peavey for example), this amp is doing very well at dveloppe power and a sound powerful enough.


Bought used in 1700 Frs, I use this amp for three and a half years.
What I like most about this amp is the sound power dlivre for a 100 watt amp.
What I regret is his difficulty with his modern creuss in mediums.

Attention also the fragility of the bases Jack. That they tend to soften and jacks are all alone dtachent the long run.

This ampicillin has a very good price quality ratio, and although it sounds a little less modern than other amps in the same price range, I find the sound of much better quality and more powerful.

Doktor Sven's review

By Doktor Sven, 25/08/2003
Combo 100W transistors, baffle 15 'at 4 ohms, no possibility of extension cabinet. Adjustments numerous and effective (switches bass, treble boost and mid, bass and treble knobs 2, 7-band graphic EQ ...), effects loop, line out, between low active and passive ...


Manuel minimal but any Manir relatively useless. You plug the bass, and immediately the sound is really not bad. It rglages fiddles a bit, and we get a good sound ...
The gain has a good range of rglages, sound round and soft saturation mchante with all intermdiaires. The color switches quite effectively boost the sound, the mid-notch interest to slappeurs (digging mdiums). The two knobs are more acute and serious "place" the sound from the rsonnance pice of the rglage sound is mainly on the graphic EQ (quite effective)


Sound rather blues-pop-rock or metal my taste. No real "type" of the amp, agree well playing a beginners group (toiucher versatility for a bit of all styles and to refine its preferences in its Contents)


I use it for 5 years is a good amp for beginners playing in a group (not to play in his room is a 100 W all the same). Enough to play also in a bar by a cons scne or outdoors better be picked up by a sound system (do not push the volume beyond 8 if: saturation ...)

Good quality price, a bit expensive as any Fender, but strong and durable, it's long term investment ...

BMOL two small but are important:
1) no possibility of extension cabinet ...
2) the weight fairly consquent: prvoir the purchase of wheels or a weight bench ... :-)
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  • Manufacturer:Fender
  • Model:BXR 100
  • Series:BXR
  • Category:Bass Guitar Combo Amps
  • Added in our database on: 09/28/2002

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