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Fender Bassman 100

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Very good amp in its class!

By losskar67, 27/11/2010
I will not repeat the details, only that it is made in Mexico, features a pregnant 15-inch tweeter ramone + Motorola (there are no phones?) There is no outlet to connect another cabinet and can not disconnect the speaker for another amp head.
the output for the tuner is convenient especially in the mute (it fits, and nobody can hear you)
The LED indications level input and output + clips are super convenient and not superfluous if you push the amp in his last entrenchments!
There are also 2 built-in handles on the sides, but I board set of wheels, c'set much more convenient for transport as 30 Kg ...........

I would also say that this amp has nothing to do with the Fender Rumble 100 is seen everywhere, which also is not at all at the same price and with good reason!


Textbooks should always be read! This one is simple, short and clear, so to read.
The settings are simple, good, and quite effective
beautiful sound pretty hot and heavy too.


I leave the sound I want to slap, or slamming his fat and heavy, all depends on the settings on my bass (UB Schack 4c or Fender Reggie Hamilton Jazz Bass).
I board a fretless tested, a 5-string, a 6-string fretted and fretless, too, is not bad, c'en doing well even though cash and pushing the sound.
Suitable for all styles of music without problems, everything is a matter of settings between the amp and bass.
Recommended for those looking for a good sound with that power there.


Ca a few years now I use it on small scenes (in a bar or small club means well without being at the bottom) or large scenes (with XLR).
Now he is home for myself, because I board invests in the 350W to have more margin for 100W here can sometimes be limited with a crazy drummer .......... I think is also a 200W model.
At the time, in the same range (100W + HP 15 ") was € 860 for 600 € Fender its 2 competitors (which I would not cite), but I board not hesitate one second to saw multiple opportunities and especially the basic sound that draws from the Fender compared to others!
Anyway, here is expensive anyway?
I also wanted to note that average prices and Argus reported at the top correspond to the Fender rumble and not at all to that, I think that a correction needed to !!!!!!!!!!!! Besides just click on these prices for noticing !!!!!

A.h's review

By A.h, 25/06/2008
It's a transistor amp.
100W Power announced (but before I had a Peavey 75W max which is surely less than half the power of it)
Front Input (with selector Active / Passive)
Behind, XLR, Tuner, and two connections Jack effect.
Set aside:
Entry level-setting
Of acute-Enhancer (Enhance = better)
-Controls: Bass, midrange level, frequency of mid, high
Behind-level adjustment XLR course.
I used to be able to plug a headset and play in the evening or at night. Here, no headphone and really purrs even when the volume is low, so no night game. Just for that I am not 10.


The config is very simple I think.
The right sound I get it very quickly and very easily.
Everything comes out perfectly the way I want.


I play blues, blues-rock and some fusion and it suits me really.
It took me about one week to master and after that going very well. I play with an Ibanez Ergodyne 705 (super versatile bass) and a Washburn 6-string.
I like playing with mediums and with this amp mediums is his thing.
The sound you get it can be all (lol) Crystal clear sound with very big sound. The perfect fretless sings solo on it and a Musicman connected above all tears.


I use it for about 1 ½ months, I bought used. It is big and heavy and it reassures, but from another point of view ... It makes traveling a bit difficult. I am not always by car.
Speaking of transportation, I like, it is convenient to move it anyway with the wrists of transport on the sides.
I tried a lot of amp before yes. Behringer BX1200, Ashdown MAG C115-300, Hartke Kickback 15, Fender Rumble 100, Fender Bassman Series 100 (new one).
The price / quality ratio is exceptional I think.
Ben so far I do not regret my choice, it's only less than two months, but compared to other amps I find great power and hand. Am not yet ascended on stage but I'm sure he will.

Fender Bassman 100

By MGR/Buzz, 22/05/2004
Bought used in new condition for $350 including tax. I had decided this was the model I wanted, and the first place I called was 5 minutes from home and had this unit. (Also found my Hamer Cruise bass. See my other review.) I guess I was having a good day!

Great tone and low end. Hard to get a bad sound out of it. Not super loud, tho. A loud drummer and a cranked fender twin would overpower it.

Sounds a little odd at the woofer/horn crossover. Horn volume control would be nice. Overdrive tone is silly, but I like clean bass, and I have a Tech21 Bass Driver (recommended) if I want some grind. Heavy, I'm always saying I'm gonna put wheels on it. (but not heavy enough that i actually do it, heh heh)

Made in Mexico 100W transistor combo amp. 1X15 with a horn tweeter.
Knobs: Gain/Master Volume, 3 band EQ with semi-parametric midrange, compressor level.
Switches: Input is switchable for high/low gain, Enhance contour for slap tone, Mute switch kills all but the tuner out, Limiter, which I have engaged at all times so I don't fry my speaker. I saw another review which said it had little effect--the one I have works fine.
LED's: Preamp level, Preamp clip ( I set the Gain so this just flickers when i really wail a note), Mute On (flashes, which i like), Power
Back: XLR line out w/ level knob and pre/post EQ switch, Tuner out, Effects Send and Return, ground lift

Solidly constructed, electronics work well, reliable so far.

Great as a practice or rehearsal amp, or small gigs. I use it at church without going thru the PA. (approx 7500 sq ft room)

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Fender Bassman 100

By MGR/Graham, 14/01/2003
A Mars Music closing sale - around $430.00 - an excellent price!

I like everything about the amp! As my first real amp with wattage (the previous amp being a Squier BP-15), it certainly throws out enough power. It doesn't distort headroom and it handles the low end flawlessly! The EQ isn't bad, and the amp has an effects loop, direct out (yes!) and tuner out.

The EQ, really is the only thing I dislike. There are only 4 knobs, low, low mid, high mid, and high. I guess I just prefer a graphic EQ. Also, any built-in effects, life chorus or reverb would have been nice, but necessarily appropriate for a Bass amp.

The unit is solid and chunky. It's a little difficult to carry and move on a regular basis, but the molding and construction are smooth and beautiful. It seems as if it will last forever (as I've heard most Fenders do).

This amp is excellent for anyone. It obviously can't play larger venues, but it's loud enough to fill a small hall. The tones are crisp and clear when you want them that way, and so is the amp itself. It does everything you want it to, and then some!

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  • Manufacturer:Fender
  • Model:Bassman 100
  • Series:Bassman
  • Category:Bass Guitar Combo Amps
  • Added in our database on: 06/06/2006

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