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User Review

Good amp input range - Reviews Hartke KickBack 12

Power: 120 Watt
Preamplification and amplification transistor
1 speaker 12 "aluminum
Parametric mids
Weight: about 20 kg

The power is there, enough for a civilized rehearsal.


Setup is simple: 3 potentiometers + filter that makes immediate control. The jack failed after a few years of use and it took disassemble the beast. In general I do everything myself, but the amp config prohibits wild disassembly. A small part of the vehicle was necessary:-(So Small flat on the design.


The sound is generally poorly defined and work the sound of the bass in the group is a bit complicated.


This amp is my first amp, I occasionally use it for 10 years. This is a good amp starting, work too hard too. It is well suited to low average range but becomes disappointing when you leave the store with a new guitar that has been tried on a more upscale amp.