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User Review

barrjo's review - Laney HMC160B

100W transistor amp, 160 if you add a baffle.
It was also a speaker output on the back of the beast.
It has two inputs, high and low, according to the sound that one seeks, more or less aggressive ...
7-band equalizer good practice, an output limiter and a compressor, two switchable, with also an input and output for effects, not to mention the volume and gain.
It's a brave little mach noise that seems very complete.
HP celestion anyway;)


It has a little trouble at first with the equalizer, but you get very quickly, the rest is just as simple, just do not have the IQ of an amoeba.
The manual tells what all the little gadgets, nothing more.


I oue of everything from pop, to punk and metal, and by operating well with the gain, you drool as you want.
This amp is enough to see the concert rehearsals, he has the potato guy!
You can have all the sounds if you take a minimum of time to study it.
I use an ibanez srx355, 5cordes, and the E string sound!
The active pickups are fishing and what gives lur amp scream passionately.


No bowl, he fell in the bay .........
I was brought to the repair made ........ ......... stranded
And after re-repair, it is ready to spray the porch of the neighbors!
Well, apart from the terrible lack of bowl, this amp is a monster all-terrain doage it is done more for this price, price / quality ratio untouchable!
I have had the opportunity to test a lot of animals before, that the EBS, but the price is not the same we agree: D
Well, it takes the shock facing the monsters of this kind, and it has nothing to envy to others, if not better welds ....
I would do without this choice problem, Laney confirms his place among the best, for a price among the best!