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Its correct, and connectors - Reviews Laney RB2 Discontinued

30w amp transistors

Description found elsewhere: Richter Bass Combo, 30 Watt, 1x 10 "custom designed Speaker, EQ Bass, Swept Mid Range, Treble, switchable Compressor, Limiter Input CD, DI out, Headphone Out, External Speaker out 8 Ohm, weight 12 kg. Dimensions: 440 x 390 x 257mm

It is simple, compact, quite pretty. I would have preferred a Tolex finish rather than carpet, with a dog and / or cat at home or also travel in the trunk of the car it turns quickly into Yeti.


Manual light but not essential. Take the time to sit down for a moment before and play with the settings to find what you're looking for.


My bass is a fretless Luthman Wave, passive Bartolini pickups, and Luthman Jazzette, active / passive, Delano pickups.

Neutral settings, the sound is immediately enjoyable with the active position Jazzette: round, transparent but slightly colored, harmonics present well without excess. I found the color of my bass as I know on my Hartke 3500, obviously on a smaller scale in the bass. Passive position, it will also, but more narrow and metal. In contrast with the passive fretless (which sounds great by the way) it's downright detestable dry metal means all friction fingers, no roundness.

By reducing the mids and highs with the equalizer however you do get a softer and warmer sound with the fretless. Asking the amp ground up rather than not reinforce the bad sense of depth too.

Serious are present, deep. Power: uh ... apartment I have not gone further than 2 ... highly enough. I played with an electric guitar amplified well head and Marshall 4x12, drum sound on, no problem to be heard next, and satisfactory for a small amp like that sound.

It remains a small amp, but for better must larger, therefore heavier ...

Note the interest of the DI output Speaker, that can plug directly into a PA or an external cab: plugged into my cab Hartke 410, this is the day and night!


I have a few months, bought in addition to the Peavey TKO 115s intransportable which was my main amp at the time, to have a second amp in the living room where he remains discreet.

In this sense I do not regret my purchase, it is compact, easily transportable, which is why I keep it now, it can make a very decent first amp for beginners. With an external speaker is transformed and it thus becomes a very interesting config and cheap: more than enough power and good sound at home, probably better than a large combo more expensive, more mobility, it disconnects the cab and go on vacation.

Balance sheet, a small right amp, Cheap occasion, which makes the job.