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User Review

jcm050's review - Laney RB2

Value For Money : Excellent
Bass transistor
30W bass combo
HP 10 "Custom
Active and passive inputs
3-band EQ with parametric mids
Headphone output
DI output jack
RCA CD input
Dimensions 383 x 413 x 253mm
Weight 11.75kg


The setup is ultra-easy! On-form (choice of a normal input or pre-amplified), low, medium and treble are adjusted and play :)
The manual? I do not know what's in it, I did not open ...
The sound is very nice for an amp of this class. Clearly, it is not in the same course a tube amp but it's enough for me to use as I have!
The compressor is good but not great.


Knowing that I am guitarist (well) before being bassist, I do not want to break the bank, I bought it to add a bass track on my songs for recording (as an amateur). I am very happy with the sound I get. I tried this weekend to put a delay (Carbon Copy) and rendering it was really interesting!
I play with the compressor (which is not worth a compressor pedal but still correct) and all is well ...


I've had around 8-9 months. I have not tried other models before this one but I trusted a friend who works in a music store. And I was right!
The price / quality ratio is excellent. The amp has the mouth I think. It is simple but beautiful. I'm really disappointed with my purchase!
Another point that has guided my choice: the weight. I carry around for live music every month and I do not want to blow up my back every time. There is more than enough to power level (I play 1.5).
But I think that is more versatile than RB2 RB1: the price difference is not significant between the two amp but gaining power (going from 15 to 30 watts, which is especially interesting for low) .
This is probably (probably) not the amp to buy for group play: it will eat the battery and the guitars ...