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User Review

Very sturdy and versatile - Reviews Markbass Mini CMD 121P

The only thing I can criticize about this model is the accessibility of the loop and other additional connectors (on the rear and below the huge speaker, so you need to turn it upside down if you want to make any changes).
Other than that, it's a great pal that can handle anything, from roaring to caressing your ears with music of any period.


It's very easy to change the sound without the EQ, thanks to the two filters.


It can handle any sound you want. Some people might reproach it that it's less rock than SWR, less bright than Trace etc...Well, you should buy a Trace or any other brand if that's what you want.


I've owned it for one year.
I've had tons of average gear (gallien, Carvin, etc.) and have used better ones in studios, if you want to make a compromise without compromising and changing amps because tomorrow you play Latin but next week you play metal, there are more expensive but less good options out there.