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User Review

Zerothe(bass)hero's review - Marshall B65

Bass amp 65W (real), made in England (it's not nothing!).
Has 2 inputs (act / pass), effects loop, output to table mix.
Equalo 5 bands + 2 knob bass / treble. Volume gain.


This amp does not have: DI Given his age, is normal.

Baffle 10 ", about 25kg. Very good" violin ", dense wood. Top handle.


Config extremely simple, like all good bass amp. The sound is huge for a 65W, not so much by the power delivered, quite modest, but this amp is "right" even pushed into a corner. No feedback, buzz, tremors suspects.


The transistor's no shortage of heat on this workhorse. Low soft and round, sharp slap. The comp and the équalo help sculpt the sound you want. Nothing to say.

It complies with the various low, active or passive they fit inside.


Used in recent weeks, this amp is entirely satisfactory for work at home. His true watts and its ability to remain "law" should enable use as a preamp stage or before the PA (for those playing online), because the sound is excellent, either as part of a music not too upset (genus acoustic guitar + bass mounted flat yarn), without a drummer or his modest power will be offset by the sound free of distortion.

He replaced a horrible **** Behr 300W on which I worked and who made me doubt my babasses every time.

9 because it lacks an ID, an outlet baffle Supp, who might have been nice (for ptites scenes). But to hit Euro 99 ... This is a detail.