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User Review

So_GoRe's review - Marshall MB30

Transistor amp 30 watts
1 input jack + 1 + 1 cd input headphone
2 channels, Modern and classic, with volume gain + or + volume commpression
Equaliser bass, treble and midrange selector with medium
Line Out, Effects Loop on the back

At that price, no problem, we can not have more, at least that's fine


It is a two channel amp, need not turn the volume knob on the wrong channel (it smells lived: D), other than that, it's going fast enough, 5 minutes to find her and go!
The manual provides examples of configuration, is quite useful when we seek the beginning and we love her, but other than that, we do not really need a manual to use an amp ...


I play rock / funk, no problem, even though I have a little trouble to thicken the sound without touch the bass, but at this price is always the same, it is very correct!
I recommend with a Cort Artisan B4, excellent, good output level
I do not really understand the scope of the limiter / compressor, it fires when you play hard enough, anyway I use it


Soon eight months that I use, everything is perfect (it moves not my room), with a Technics headphones the sound is great, I can play at 4am without waking the famous neighbor who bangs on the ceiling, perfect for me
Value for money very good for me, I highly recommend, but chanmbre amp, repeating you risk to be (very) soon ... just

With so much money, I redeem the same without any problems!