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User Review

gigantic. - Reviews Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine Combo

tube preamp (12AX7) MOSFET amp
300W into 4 ohms and 165W in 8ohms.
An instrument input jack 6.35 in front, with a light clip.
2 HP 4 ohm jack
1out direct XLR symmetrical.
1 post preamp output jack 6.35 with cutoff switch mass.
An I / O jack footswitch mute
1 input 1 output effects loop with bypass switch.
No effect, no compressor, no simulation or multibidule.
the output level of DI is adjustable on either PRE or POST. The adjustment is precise and without distorting the sound.
EQ bass / mid / high bass boost with a switchable by adjusting potentiometer Grave.
1x12 "
Quality is at the rendezvous, the aesthetic, the look simple but cozy, a good mouth "MB handmade"
A small black cube of 50x50x50 centimeters, a weight of 35kg mounted on four wheels.
Two side handles rabatable with anti vibration spring.


No difficulty settings, the super basic but basic Mesa-Boogie anyway.
The bass boost gives depth to a low breath.
One branch, two of three trials setting and the sound is monstrous, was breathtaking. How a little thing like that can make as much noise!
bluffing and just huge.

The manual is simple concise, clear and sufficient. Too bad it is only in English. That said it is not really useful as this amp is simple.


is the sound I was looking for a long time. round, clear, slamming into the acute and deep in the bass. I play rock, pop and blues. Each output compliments and surprises fuse.

I play with a 4-string Ibanez signing VW and a Yamaha BB2005.
just a compressor and a crybaby for low certaint pieces.
I play a little slap fingers and taping.
The sound is clear, powerful, vibrant and deep bass, mids are crisp and clear, sharp and precise flapping.

For the moment, I REPEAT in our local does not exceed 20% of the power if I fart bulbs.
an outdoor test was 50% up out my neighbor ... not very happy.


I buy this amp 1 month ago, yet I still have not found significant fault.
It took one year to try different configurations, has almost all what is between € 1000 and € 2000 without finding the sound that I really convenais. A lot of material would probably be satisfactory but I'm a faignasse setting, just thinking a test more than three buttons gives me hives.

A huge bomb in a small volume for 1600 €, I would do the same choice.

I did not put 10/10 because there is no perfect but it comes close to the M3 Carbine.