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User Review

preamp disappointing - Reviews Orange Terror Bass 500 Combo

hybrid combo 500 watts / size ratio unmatched power. The problem: no setting for an amp worthy of the name. One serious, one medium, one that is acute and more innéfficaces.


The configuration is really too simplistic.


A very powerful amp for a small footprint. His poor, soft, and deaf. Do not use for everything acoustic bass, half drum, bass. Amp wanted to ragga and other soundsystem.


To tell the truth I returned to the store. I urge users to well try before you buy and avoid internet order. In addition, the system bowls, called "fire break" in sound and often used for subs is a special system that ties can not stand different enclosure second cabinet. Outside the enclosure recommended by Orange Not imported into France which makes the passage 800w/4h impossible.