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User Review

Too much, we will have work now - Reviews Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

Tube amp ... no just kidding
+ Modeling transistors, 5W, four mini hp
An instrument input, an input to mono input to stereo headphone / hand out, 1 connection for footstitch
Setting: gain, volume, bass, mid, treble
Effects: Amp modeling (6), one setting or autowah chorus or flanger, reverb or delay one setting, one compressor (on / off)
And more: 1 tuner, 1 BOX RHYTHM (1 selection of rhythms, one knob for tempo, tap tempo button 1)


Config simple
I did used the doc for photocopy the image panel and get what note the settings because there is no memory
Gets it easy to sound good, I would say even more good sounds OF


What types of sounds: rather cleans or typed fretless sound
I found the exact sound very successful, sounds mediums (for fretless) also, I'm not a fan of his sounds when you push the gain
Used primarily for work, the headphone or on its own HP ranges and other exercises are another dimension with a drum machine, and even effects. But I use it more to save on the fly bass lines in drafts / mock, because the sounds are quite correct for registration.
One day tried to attack a preamp sound during a rehearsal of pop / rock, it was not ridiculous at all (even if it is not worth thinking use as return).


Used for 2 years and a few months
I have not used other baby Bass-before
What I like: almost everything there -> different sounds, drum machine, tuner, compressor, versatility: it is comfortable with all the bass and the weight and size (it comes on vacation).
I this I do not like: there is a rhythm, but we do not know how we will beat ... perhaps a small display? On the other hand, as I have four or five settings that I like, depending on the bass that I use, I would have liked to have a way to remember them. And finally the dark side of the force, I think - especially with headphones included in a sound - EQ sometimes very little action (depending on its use).
Money: yes!!
I would do this choice ILLICO PRESTO SUBITO