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User Review

A little pricey for the quality ... - Reviews Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

This is a bass amplifier transistor,
it features a 3-band EQ: low, mid, trebble.
Effects: Flanger, Reverb, T-Wah, Chorus.
The effects are quite good quality but it is mostly for fun.
A tuner (ineffective), a button to enable / disable compression.
An amp simulator that can simulate the Ampeg B-15 combo (Flip Top)
Fender Bassman (Man B) Trace Elliot (Super Flat), Acoustic 360 (Bass 360), SWR stack (Session) and Ampeg SVT (810 Concert).
A drum for bosser, microphone input, headphone output, Mono / Stereo input,
An On-Off button. 4 speakers 10 cm each with a power of 2.5 W + 2.5 W
Comes with strap and instructions in French.


There's no easier and like many I have not read the manual.


I Funk 100%, the sound is pretty cold so it's not very suitable for this style of music. But the sound is good, it sends a lot for its small size and I remember being surprised! I first took to the practical side: portable (7kg) can familiarize themselves with the basic effects, ideal for bosser at home or with friends for a quiet evening beef ...
But if you want depth go your way, with such a template can not have everything! I use a MusicMan Stingray.


It no longer works ... Just like my Micro Cube guitar version of which passed away after 4 years.
The materials seem good at first ... But I never opened the beast ... in terms of the life that is to review ... Without pushing the volume up it started making huge breath and then nothing ... He received no particular shock and I stored in its case after use. This is the only bass amp I had let's say that I will be well serviced.
5 years of life is a little short for nearly € 200 ...