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User Review

Why is it more product? - Reviews Tech 21 Landmark 120

It is a 100 watt combo all transistor wants version amplify the Sansamp RBI which is itself a version of the rack with base the Sansamp Bass Driver DI. The settings are simple: gain, presence, blend, bass, mid, treble and volume. The connection is complete enough input (unfortunately only whatever the output level of the instrument: -1 point), XLR DI output, headphone output, speaker output (unfortunately in front and next to the headphone output, which cost me a monitoring headphones so: -1 pt).

A single 15-inch HP but with amazing bandwidth.


The settings are simple enough but most effective and sensitive.

The manual could not be more clear about the different features of the amp and gives some examples of settings.


I play with an Epiphone Jack Casady and Precision homemade: a fretted and fretless. Thanks to its efficient settings, you can sculpt the sound in many ways. Versatility is possible without falling into incipide (far from it). I often use the setting called "fliptop" described in the manual or near neutral for a vintage sound is quite natural either.


I use it for five months after having a Sansamp BDI in a sound and an Ampeg BA-115. Good amp HP 15 inches, it takes up space and is heavy but I do not see how it could be otherwise.

I would have appreciated being able to tilt back into position and I ended up putting tape on the HP taken by security, but for the rest everything is good.