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User Review

nours©'s review - Tech 21 Landmark 120

- What type of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?
Transistor, therefore, no lamp. it is neither more nor less than a Sansamp and dot-board amplifier and a HP house 15 "
- What is the power dlivre?
Announcement as 120W, the use is more impressive as we deem not need to put it back to feel the power and the serious
- What connection?
Relatively UNESCORecords, one between indiffrencie line, a line out to second HP (apparently I have not had the opportunity to test, to cut out internal speaker), so I imagine more powerful and a headphone output (which it cuts well (oh joy!) HP internal output; an effects loop and DI output with switch Sansamp Ground / Lift classic but effective.

- What are the rglages, effects ...?
A basic EQ, Bass / medium rather / highs, same in terms of efficiency and sobriety. the "more" comes from the Drive, the presence and Blend. Namely one can "saturate" the signal like an amplifier lamp (s), as does a dj Sansamp. see the reviews on the Sansamp Bass Driver details, I think it's the same. use, also helps to have a real "distortion" by pushing the volume pot to max and replaced aisment a Big Muff for example, and not behavior and negligible. The Blend for the determination of saturation and the raw signal, nothing original. The presence or not to better Defines the signal saturated.


- The configuration is simple?
We can not be easier! screen processing is very readable, the knobs fall well under the hand (too may be we hear about APRS).

- Do you get easily a good sound?
A little nephew! flat, noon, the sound is transparent, with a je ne sais quoi dj "fat". by pushing the volume a little it deems that there is a lamp warms the signal. EQ is, as I indicated prcdemment very efficient, low volume pot really helps make the sound heavy and fat without it becoming dull. the amp does not vibrate the walls yes! The sound palette is now truly impressive offers, you find yourself discovering new possibilities and new harmonics by moving two three knobs. the great class! GENERALLY even if I use flat floor of the EQ makes really beautiful things. fingers as in mdiator, we pass from its limits a little warm guts (or carrment if desired!) incisive and powerful attack that respects the spirit of my bass (see later in concerned).

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Manual, manual k?


- Should your style of music?
Since it is relatively clear but a bit east rock (a rest when the Tech21 same!) Is absolutely perfect for me! the natural color of my instrument is truly respects, with the bonus of a wild little touch is not for me dplaire!

- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
A few prs all types of sounds, although the severe acute dub the lens through the medium rather than snapping up nothing wrong, is rich, rich, rich!

- What are the sounds you prfrez that hates you?
At first sight, no!

- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
With nourscaster has will make you look good since there is only me that availing oneself of a ;-) in two words like a cross between a Rickenbacker 4003 and AST Bass G & L both my (old) prefers low impact issue, yet nothing transcendent, an MXR Carbon Copy and RC50 Boss / Roland for the samples. branchs in the effects loop is gnial, the sound is not fully respect the RC50 saturates (finally) live longer when c'tait catastrophic (my 4003 and my pickups active electronics was cry any amp or effects prcdemment).


- What is the specific feature you like best, the least?
Like everything, I think it's easy! it suits me perfectly, it looks like a Russian tank, manufactured by hand blinkered NYC, its weight is consquent without being dmentiel, it is solid, practical transportation, do not fear the shocks, and rings of fire of God! its only rel default is the space between each knob: just a little too tight so that if in a hurry and with big fingers like me are bassist RULES a knob, the neighbor is likely to move a bit also must be a bit careful even delicately shame because the place is not lacking in the contrl panel of the above, I would go down objectively note

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Too, too! I have already left here even two opinions on two of my Previous amplifiers, a magical good throw and a wonderful little combo that I Polytone T against the sale because " it does not availing oneself of DI and that for me today need to availing oneself of a imprieux otherwise pass by Ampeg combos, a Tubeworks (really good one the c That's true!), a MusicMan (I played the first two lines on a panoply of having StingRayhistoire UNESCORecords), etc.. short, a lot of amps, but few m'aient as much enthusiasm as I admit it!

- How do you report qualitprix?
Perfect! especially as very rare, at least in France, the opportunity to fall on is a godsend! I have trouble understanding why Tech21 has stopped its production, and why is has not sold as it (like oh, I Answers to my first question). I think that this amp is sincrement mconnu, o opinion.

- With the exprience, you do again this election? ...
No problem! and if the opportunity presents s'tait my budget to take even more powerful in terms of Watt, I think I would have chosen a model "on top" (and again, that I would truly possible 't the usefulness), but currently, this combo overwhelms me!

- Conclusion
If you are looking for a relatively powerful combo to rooms 200 600 persons (IDPs return to the worst!) Intgrit the sound of your bass you care and you're playing rock music (broadly defined) , you have a budget which is around 500 euro and you have nothing against the post Soviet look, so try taking a look (and a pair of ears) this model! you could be very (pleasantly) surprised!