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User Review

KimGT99's review - Ampeg SVT-810E Heritage

I use the SVT-810E Ampeg Classic with a head SVT2pro. In combination there is not the same. This is the classic Ampeg sound, heard in hundreds of productions.
Purchased in 2002 for the metalcore I've never regretted the purchase. During all the years together, no fear of not being heard.


While on stage the speakers let you go back, the Ampeg you save the day! Powerful sound that makes you shake your legs and bowels vibrate:)
In rehearsals or studio, no problem: the baffle 10 "has such strength so that even at low volumes there is no loss of sound exaggerated.


Of course, the size and weight of the machine are a b-mol should not be overlooked: you do not metterez in a compact sedan or even. A break is de rigueur if you do not have a pickup truck / van, especially if a head, bass etc.. are to prevail. The weight you give the rest if you must transport in stairways, corridors and so small. despite the small wheels.
I must confess that live there is not much better Elsewhere, but for concerts in small places (cafes, small clubs) I would look perhaps something smaller in size because I carry my stuff almost always me even in my break.

The quality / price holds up.

Before, I used Laney and Warwicks because I just could not afford the Ampeg. But I have never had the same feeling with the Ampeg.

Today, I move always in the metal (symphony / prog) but also in the funk but still no regrets at his! but at waist level ...