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Hartke VX410

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It looks tough and it sounds good.

By tontonseb, 15/11/2011
I will not go the full description: say it is a body with a 4 hp to 10-inch cardboard cone and an acute compression. 400W RMS into 8 ohms. We can not do more classic.

I use it as a second cabinet in place of an Ashdown Mag 410 home, 300 Mag on the head of the same brand. The weight is comparable: the Hartke may be a bit lighter and less deep.

I play mostly rock greasy, although many fast punk and above, but also reggae, ska, rock 60 '...

I know the brand Hartke for playing often on the heads of the series and HA on different speakers, some with the famous hp aluminum cone.

Hartke is a brand that inspires confidence a priori, even if I do not like the sound of heads too HA I find they lack warmth (despite the tube preamp).


Compared to the cabinet Ashdown, the sound seems slightly more neutral, slightly less hot: less rich mid-bass I think. It very well against cash for the bass.

To find "my" sound, just a little tweaking of the equalizer amplifier.

The dynamics is very close to Ashdown. When she came out, the VX series was presented as a product more suited to sound "rock" than the other series aluminum cone. I think it is.


Excellent value for money in my opinion. Approximately € 300 in nine, half in time. It cost quite expensive 6 years ago (about € 500).

The performance is average, the quality of his too, and I paid a good price on occasion.

This is not the stuff of high-end, of course (Ampeg, Markbass, Mesa Boogie, Eden and company). But it looks to me honest and reliable.

I have a model from which the first series, it seems, are much better than the recent (beefier, more efficient ...). So much the better.

Now we must see to wear ...

hawaigroove's review

By hawaigroove, 12/06/2009
What characteristics have motivated your choice?

I was looking for a 4 * 10 cabinet cheap. I had the choice between Hartke and Berhinger.

For what purpose?
Initially metal, now I play everything.

- What amp / What configuration?
HA 3500.
Initially a basic Cort and now a Jazz bass Fender Japan.


The response curve is not neutral at all.
The sound is good about rock and metal (a lot of medium) with a big attack.
on the other hand for roots, reggae, ska, ale ale ale.
For slap, I can not make it sound.


- For how long have you been using it?
4 years

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
The best: the price. Cons: lack of definition in the bass and weight. At first I was happy to have a 4 * 10 to scare people around me but now I'm tired of me lugging that big thing that weighs 40 pounds.

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
No I did not know anything. Now I tried a little of everything.

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Rather well because it's cheap.

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Honestly not. There is (in my opinion) more reason to break the back with a 4 * 10 low-end as it should be coupled to a 1 * 15 to get a correct sound. So I'd rather buy a 2 * 10 * 12 or 1 a little more upscale and less cumbersome.

At the time I spent 900 euros for the head and the baffle. Now for that price, I buy the first jump combo Markbass.

I'm pretty disappointed with my choice ...


In fact, I played on a lot of material (trace Eliot, Carlsbro, Ampeg) since my post "and even if this cabinet is big, I always, I always use it as much and in fact it is very well for a 4 * 10. I still dream of a markbass but I'm attached to my big thing of cardboard.

flea34400's review

By flea34400, 22/01/2009
VX 4x10 + 1x15 "with head amp from Hartke HA3500 always.
I use this amp to play with my band, punk / rock.
I use it for about a year, with a bass from Ibanez, the SR500.


The sound suits me perfectly, even if it took was for me to change the lamp.
I opt for the classic 12AX7 in Electro-harmonics.
I use the 15 "in concert, 4x10 good enough for me in RPET, you just need to know the rgler qualiseur.


Purchased at the same time as my bass, I use it for about 1 year, with pleasure!
In addition the report qualitprix is ​​excellent. Difficult to find in other brands like!
The only thing that could dplaire is some weight ... And especially its size ... Gnrale live I am forced to take the break to return to the 2 parts of the amp.
A strength of this amp is the sound, powerful bass-like standard in specific on acute APRS is a matter of qualiseur, knobs for bass and tastes ...
Anyway, this amp can not please everyone!
If the silent choice again, I would do it again without a problem!

Nesseria's review

By Nesseria, 13/10/2008
Very cheap, and weight, we realize that value for money. It's light.
I play it with a Stingray in a head HA 3500, sold with. I think that the aim of this cabinet: form a rig that works well for a minimum price. The "Hartke stack pack" if you want.
It's reliable, it's his taf, but you know that it's not an Ampeg.


The problem with this speaker is its inability to reproduce the deep bass. The rest goes properly, but not Byzantine either. A shortage of potatoes, heat ...
We are still worth the money: in this price range it stands up very honorably.


I use it for a year and a half.
To have tested a lot of Ampeg condition in the same config is of course the day and night.
Only a good basis for baffle HA 3500. It was a two-body fine for a budget altogether reasonable.
Another extension, and the pressure to immediately better. A quick fix that works pretty well.
This will in any case better than a small combo with the wrong config HP.
April 10 "is enough momentum to break through the mix.
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Hartke VX410 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Hartke
  • Model:VX410
  • Series:VX
  • Category:Bass Guitar Speakers
  • Added in our database on: 02/18/2004

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