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User Review

splifrshow's review - DOD Bass30

All ineffective in low:
Amp-simulation (small but well-typed, so simple and effective)
- Compressor
- Autowah (for the funk it sounds)
- Overdrive and Fuzz, the overdrive is highly saturated, for a slight overdrive to use the parameter that will gain more modern
- Fretless simulation (no opinion on this point, I do not use)
- Synth (no opinion on this point, I do not use)
- 4-band equalizer, it can be really what you want
- Great chorus, flanger, pitch shift (impressive at the lower octave)
- Reverb
- Delay
- Tuner that goes into even 5-string
- Phrase sampler and loop to make, fun and practical effect
- Pedal assignable to numerous effects including obviously the volume. I can not find it lacks precision against it is obvious that we must avoid the "rangers" for SIDS in the "fingers". :-)
... And I must forget all this can be combined and edited both simply and efficiently.

Side connections:
- Same active low input, no problem
- Two amps output to the stereo eventually
- An entry such as CD to play with
- One headphone convenient to get back a little personal with the Walkman ecouterus


Config hyper read from left to right in the logic of cumulative effects.
Editing sounds very practical, thin, adjustable on the fly even live if necessary
The manual is clear enough and overall it is never used after a first reading


- The effects in general are of good quality. Recall that this product was cheap when it came out and did not fade before the current references.
- It does not blow as some effects ... Z.
- I never reached the limits of the settings. You can make subtle to enormous. The compressor alone, missing a few fine adjustments but that is only found on the pedals or rack.
- I play pop rock (ie wide variety of sounds) and Jazz on Cort A5 5-string fretted, fretless B5, (both are active cort) Yamaha fretted BBG5 (passive).
excellent and precise.
- No opinion on the synth I do not use, nor on the simulation because I have a real fretless. everything flanger chorus delay pedals are better than my B. ..


- I use it for 3 years
- Assets: sounds great and easy to adjust both the compactness and weight (because huge machines while tole after a moment ca fatigue)
- Cons: um .... so, maybe the design that may shock but it is very subjective, and asking the ultimate it would have been to include a graphic EQ and a DI box, and would have been perfect, but other multi effects have not so ...
- The value, when it was released, it was worth the price. Now, OCCAZ, his report is obviously excellent
- I choose not hesitate do it again after trying qques Zoom and ME50B