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User reviews on Bass Package products

Ibanez GSR 190 (Ibanez - GSR190J)

By MGR/BigP.U.S.S.Yband, 26/01/2003
I always wanted to learn how to play a bass because you only need to play one string at a time. It was given to me as a gift with the starter set.

I thought I was going to have a hard time learning all of the scales and chords but this is a realy easy to play and as a person who has never picked up an instrument in his life I am coming along well.

The only thing I can find wrong is a little buzz sound on the fret and the kit could have come with a little bit more powerful amp.

This is a strong instrument. When I can't hit those rite notes I might give it a litle bump or a drop and it is still playing ok.

This a great bass to start with because of its ease to play. I don't mean to toot my own horn (toot,toot). But I have only been playing for two months and I am not exactly the worst player in the world, infact I am now in a band.

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Ibanez GSR190 (Ibanez - GSR190J)

By MGR/bass people, 03/11/2003
I picked up this good looking bass at a local music store. I bought it used for only about 120 american dollars, It was my first bass.

This guitar is great for beginners. IT held up very well through learning and is still running through all my use. I used it very often and hard and it still works. It sounds like what you would expect from a beginner bass. It gives good clean sound straight up, and has j and p style pickups for a little extra control. Overall very good price quality relationship

There is nothing particularly wrong with this bass. It is a low end bass for beginners so one cannot expect too much. Obviously no active pickups or anything. The knobs that control volume come off after a long time but are easily glued back on.That is about it.

It is built strong. It has taken abuse and is still fine. No major parts have broken or not worked. The intonation tends to become a little off which is a pain to fix but you can bring it to a store and they will do it, also that really is not that big a deal while you are learning.

IT is a good beginner bass, It does nothing wrong really, nothing specail but a good solid unit for the price.

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Ibanez GSR 190 (Ibanez - GSR190J)

By MGR/Mr. Dumass, 15/12/2003
I got this baby at a pawn shop, but not in the bass package. I paid $150 buck for it, but it was worth every penny.

This baby is f**king awesome! It's everything you could wish it to be.

ther's no problem with it.

It's kicka##

I love this baby. I kiss it, caress it, f##k it, all that kind of stuff

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News Bass Package

LTD new guitar and bass packs

Published on 09/19/14
If after his first day at school your kid decided that he’d become a metal god this year, LTD can help him without bankrupting the whole family.

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