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User Review

steako's review - Dr Strings Lo-Rider

I made the discovery of these ropes 3 years ago and since I can not do without.

I have a Yamaha 5-string bass passive to work every day and frankly it is not what is best in electronics even if the handle and body are drinking.

Well, it takes on another dimension with the DR. In it's almost like a slap bass active at 2000 euros!!

But be careful, the touch is different because of the hexagonal rings. It is steeper, it vibrates not the same as classical strings. But then outfit!!

No WOWOW, as "tense" and "Péchu". Only you realize a difference but it is especially complex in a live mix that it becomes meaningful. The bass is never intrusive and place naturally. It may be too forward if too strong, but it gives more blur in the 120 Hz

As for putting them on a lower premium, then it's downright insane precision and sonic possibilities.
It was "the" sound studio in the fingers ... (with all that it behaves like "responsibility" at the result)

Finally in closing, I would say that with minimal care and cleaning after each session, the strings last longer and rather surtou their sound does not deteriorate slowly as is sometimes the case.
They sound almost to the end than the first day and then one day, we no longer sound as they should be changed .... Usually when they begin to be clearly marked at the frets ....

For me these strings do not mind 10/10